AI in Healthcare Report

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“Survey respondents were, in the main, enthusiastic about AI’s potential to accelerate activities such as screening images and aiding their analysis.”

The government has prioritised the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support the provision of healthcare in the UK. Considering this Dods AI in Healthcare Report analyses NHS staff respondents regarding their views on the application of artificial intelligence in the health service and its current utilisation in the organisation that they work for including:

This report provides actionable insights to aid an organisation’s future public sector engagement strategy and is based on the views of over 1000 responses including 700 individuals working for NHS Trusts, 47 for clinical commissioning groups and 31 from NHS England.

This report will enable you to:

  • Understand the most realistic applications of machine learning in the NHS
  • The type of suppliers or bodies that respondents might consider working with
  • The issues that need to be resolved to prepare for an AI project

Who should buy this report:

  • System integrators who work with AI specialists or developing their own expertise in this area
  • AI firms who are looking to make inroads into the NHS
  • Consultants considering introducing AI at their client sites
  • Academic departments looking to understand how the NHS’s operations could be improved with the adoption of AI.

This report includes:

  • Insights into the potential tasks which AI can aid NHS staff
  • The extent that AI can help manage disease outbreaks
  • Respondents’ awareness of AI suppliers
  • Any differences in opinion between senior managers and clinicians regarding the use of AI