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The House, The House is Parliament's very own “in-house” magazine, delivered to every member of Parliament in the UK, directly into the pigeon-holes of both Westminster Houses.

With exclusive Parliamentarian interviews, unique MP/Peer articles, regular columns, gossip, diaries and reviews, it is packed with stories we hope will interest all those within and without Westminster.

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  • Unique insight into the work (and world) of MPs and peers
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Read a digital version of The House including the exclusive interview with The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby is the online publisher of all content from The House magazine.

The website is targeted to all members of the parliamentary estate, including MPs, peers, their staff and anyone interested in the latest political news from Westminster. It is the preeminent resource for quality reporting and analysis of the daily political news trends that impact every individual in the UK.

Registration is free, but you can buy the Politics Home Pro membership for £273.60 and get access to premium content including exclusive content from Parliamentarians, a personalised political content feed through ouor Green Box channel and daily email briefings on early morning Westminster news, a memo anticipating the day's political agenda, a review of the day's political business around 6pm and a roundup of Sunday Shows like the Andrew Marr Show, Pienaar’s Politics, Murnaghan, Sunday Politics and more.

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